Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer 2009 Adventures! - Part 1

This year we decided to go to the Mall of America, but we stopped about halfway in Moline, IL. (aka John Deere Capitol). 
They have neat hans-on stuff for the kids to play with and see. It's also a great stopping place to rest and re-group after 4 hours in the car for Mom and Dad!
We had kind of thought this would be mostly geared to Wyatt, but we were glad to see that both the girls had a lot of fun here to!
                                                 I just love Wyatt's face in these pictures. 
                                                  You can tell that he's REALLY excited!
They had a wooden cow that you could "milk"
and once Chloe found it she did not
 really want to look at anything else. 
 I think she really thought she was on the farm!
Sophie started getting a little fussy so
we were trying to find things to occupy her so the kid's and
Daddy could still keep playing looking around...
And then we found THIS...

Once she got in this thing, which I'm not sure
 exactly what it's called, she did not want out at all!
Well of COURSE we had to visit the gift shop and
Wyatt decided to spend some of his vacation
 money on a really cool tractor floor puzzle,
and as you can see he's not proud at all!
This was a REALLY nice place to stop as we
continued on up to the Mall of America! (more of that later).
It was so nice to stop and let the kids out a play
 (as much as we let them around really expensive toys).
  And it was FREE.

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  1. Oh, I bet they just all had a ball there...even T! :) My boys would love something like that!


Wyatt jammin' in his new Bob The Builder hat at his 2nd B-day

3 days later...

3 days later...
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